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Helping To Resolve Spousal Maintenance Or Alimony Issues

Are you going to receive or will you have to pay spousal maintenance or alimony if you get divorced? Have you been receiving less spousal maintenance than the amount spelled out in your divorce decree or settlement agreement?

When alimony or spousal maintenance becomes a hot button issue in your divorce, you can count on a respected family lawyer at the Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel to address your legal needs with poise and professionalism.

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An Informative And Attentive Approach To Spousal Maintenance

We are happy to educate you on the different kinds of spousal support or alimony in our state, whether during the time the divorce is pending or afterwards. We have answers to your questions and proven solutions to your stressful maintenance or alimony-related and other family law problems.

Attorney J. Douglas Angel offers more than 30 years of experience dealing with spousal support and alimony issues. He is also a registered family law mediator in Indiana. His varied and in-depth Indiana divorce knowledge can help you achieve your goals through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

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We are well-prepared, organized and experienced in arbitration and litigation, when other methods have failed. We work hard and prepare thoroughly for any turn your case may take. When you come to us, you will appreciate the experienced and dedicated personalized attention you receive.

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