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Having a good relationship with your ex is in your child’s best interests

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Firm News |

Your ex is your ex for a reason: The two of you were clearly not a compatible couple, and you likely had problems effectively communicating with each other even when you were married. However, now that you are going through a divorce, it is probably even harder to talk in a civil way, because you have many important things to discuss, with a lot resting on each decision.

Coming to an agreement on a child custody agreement can be especially difficult. You’ll both have a clear vision in your head of the ideal outcome, and both of these outcomes may look unrecognizable. Therefore, you’ll have to come together to make a compromise and figure out how you can effectively co-parent as a divorced couple.

If you are unsure of how to have a good relationship with your ex, but you know that it is in your child’s best interests, the following are some tips for building a healthy relationship post-divorce.

Focus on the values and priorities that you share

It’s no question that while you and your ex differ on many things, you both share a deep love for your children. Focus on that, as well as any fundamental values that you agree on, whether that’s respect, honesty or a specific parenting style. Focusing on what you have in common will help you move forward in a more positive way.

Present a united front

While you and your ex are no longer together, do your best to present a united front to your children. Make sure that you agree on things like discipline, rules and chores so that you are able to back each other up. Being there to support each other as parents could help you to have a better relationship, as long as you set strong boundaries.

If you are going through a divorce and you are concerned about child custody arrangements, make sure that you take action to understand how you can navigate your situation.