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Should I Hire A Lawyer To Establish Child Custody?

Child custody matters and other aspects of your parenting plan can be complex to solve on your own without a lawyer. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney can help you make informed decisions about legal, physical, sole, or joint custody. Whether you are ending a relationship with the other parent, getting a divorce, or need to establish paternity, your child custody and parenting plan agreement is created before child support can be established.

Other complex custody-related issues that an attorney can help you with include visitation and parenting time arrangements which are scheduled around your child’s needs and Indiana law

Can I Make Changes To The Child Custody Order?

Yes. Your family’s needs may change over time and the court allows changes to custody orders, as well as parenting time agreements that reflect the best interest and security of your children. Parents who agree to the changes may submit their written agreement to the court, but the changes must be approved and made an order by the court. However, if the changes sought would endanger your child’s emotional or physical health, or put your child’s safety at risk, the court will not grant the changes.

How Can We Resolve Our Parenting Time Disputes?

Cooperation is key to parenting after the separation of unmarried parents or a divorce. However, making every effort to communicate clearly and in the best interest of your children is often a difficult task. The Supreme Court of Indiana adopted the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines to help parents develop their parenting plans. In an effort to reduce parenting time disputes, the guidelines provide a framework for parents to establish meaningful and frequent contact with their children. Getting the help of an experienced family law attorney or using mediation can also streamline communications with the other parent.

Can You Help Me With The Lake County, Indiana, Online Assignments For Parents?

Yes, we will help you navigate Lake County’s rules that require cooperative efforts to try to avoid parental conflict. While we can answer questions you may have about the assignments, we will not do the assignments for you. The courts in Lake County have adopted rules that require parents to do the assignments at the website, The goal is to help parents put aside their anger and resentment to be able to make better decisions about raising their children.

How Do I Get Started?

The Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel can help you understand your parental rights. We provide skilled negotiation, mediation, and assertive litigation to help you establish child custody agreements, make modifications to existing agreements, and uphold the agreements when one party is not complying with portions of your paternity, child custody agreement, or divorce decree. Please call us at 219-961-2166 or reach out to our firm by completing our online form to get started.