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Co-Parenting Is Possible

In an ideal world, parents would adopt agreeable co-parenting methods to raise their children after a divorce. Parents who set aside their anger and resentment can usually make better choices about raising their children than a judge. However, it is not an ideal world. Many parents continue heated arguments in front of their children. The court makes provisions to safeguard the best interests of children for parents who cannot resolve their disputes and are unwilling to cooperate with one another.

Conflict in family law cases is often destructive and sometimes dangerous. Litigating family law cases does not always resolve the conflict — it may heighten it -‑ such conflict between parents has a detrimental and lasting impact upon the children in divorce.

At the Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel, we believe in protecting your child’s best interests. Unless it is unsafe, we want both parents to enjoy positions of influence and be active and productive participants in their child’s life. The legal advocacy we provide reflects a blend of fidelity to state law and legal representation that we customize to our clients’ individual needs.

Indiana Provides Detailed Guidelines For Parenting Time

To help parents be better co-parents after nonmarried parents separate, separation prior to a divorce, or a divorce, the Indiana Supreme Court adopted Parenting Time Guidelines. These guidelines provide a minimum standard that parents and the courts can follow when parents are unable to create their own parenting time schedule. The rules address provisions for:

  • Applying parenting time schedules
  • How to make changes in an established schedule
  • Exchanging information
  • Resolving problems
  • Addressing long-distance parenting issues
  • Relocations
  • Parallel parenting for high-conflict parents

In many family law cases, however, the law seems secondary in importance and this is true when the case affects your ability to make parental decisions and the scheduling of your parenting time. You want to be available to your child, and we want to help make that possible. We can help work out child custody and parenting time schedules that work for both parents.

Meeting Your Child’s Basic Needs Is Key To Your Case

It is important for your child to have enough time with both parents to form a solid, lifelong bond. Both parents are encouraged to make an all-out effort to resolve their differences in whatever means possible -‑ including through mediation -‑ before heading to the courtroom.

To support this happening for nonmarried (never married), separated, or divorced parents, the court provides a detailed structure to follow. Parenting Time Guidelines are provided for time provisions for the various ages of children from infants to toddlers to teenagers. Your co-parenting options will vary with your child’s age.

At the Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel, we strive to minimize the conflict to avoid leaving our clients and their families with a legacy of a scorched-earth environment. As a result, we first try to be problem-solvers by seeking a cooperative resolution of problems through negotiation or mediation. But, if those efforts are frustrated, we utilize our years of experience to protect your interests through litigation when necessary.

Speak With A Knowledgeable And Compassionate Lawyer About Your Co-Parenting Options

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