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Post-Decree Support Orders When Your Child’s Education Needs Change

The stress of paying the high cost of your children’s education can keep you up at nights. The last thing you want to do is limit your child’s career prospects by not enrolling them in important programs. Especially when it comes to setting your children up for a successful future. If your current child support order does not factor in your child’s current needs, it may be time to modify your existing order to factor in or add educational expenses.

The court allows for child support modifications for parents seeking an increase in child support payments to pay for private high school education or tuition for early entrance to college. At the Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel, we understand how important an education is for your children. We can help modify your current order to meet your child’s present and future educational needs. Please call us at 219-961-2166 to schedule an appointment to speak with our experienced family law lawyer to learn more about support modifications.

Modifications Must Be Sought Before Your Child Turns 19-Year-Old

If your child’s educational journey includes private high school education or entry into precollege, college, university, or other programs, we can help you modify your existing court order to ensure your child’s current needs are met.

Modifications to child support orders -‑ particularly, educational support orders -‑ can sometimes be contentious to negotiate with the other party. Work with a skilled family law attorney when you are seeking to enhance your child’s education and need help from the other parent to cover costs for:

  • Private high school education
  • Precollege programs
  • College or university education
  • Study abroad programs
  • Other career programs after high school

Attorney J. Douglas Angel has decades of experience helping families achieve their goals. He is not only a knowledgeable family law attorney but also an experienced mediator who can help you resolve disputes in an efficient manner.

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At the Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel, we have the experience you need to make the necessary modifications to your child support order. We can negotiate, mediate, or go to court on your behalf. Email our firm by completing our online form or call us at 219-961-2166 to schedule a consultation.