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Are You Tired Of Fighting About Your Separation Or Divorce?

Emotions often cloud clear communication between parties. Power struggles and misunderstandings can lead to your relationship ending, separation, divorce or child custody disputes dragging on unsettled for years. If you are at an impasse in negotiations with the other party, mediation could help you resolve matters more efficiently than going to court. When parties can agree to mediation, they find that they have control over the process of settling their disputes quicker, privately, and more cost-effectively than resorting to litigating every argument before a family court judge.

In mediation, parties are given the opportunity to create their own acceptable agreements. The mediator allows each party to speak their piece and provides information on likely outcomes when certain decisions are made. A mediator’s role is not to provide legal advice, but rather to allow a forum for each party to express and seek their objectives in the family law dispute.

At the Law Offices of J. Douglas Angel, our founding attorney, J. Douglas Angel, is a family law mediator. He has decades of experience helping divorcing parties and unmarried parents resolve tough issues using the process of mediation. He can help you find the common ground on your child support matters, child custody rights, child visitation, property division, and family business issues. Call the firm today at 219-961-2166 to schedule your appointment to discuss the advantages of mediation.

We Can Help You Resolve Your Disputes Using Mediation

Mediation is a flexible method of creating settlement agreements. The process may or may not involve parties hiring lawyers for help. Essentially, parties agreeing to mediation decide when they will meet and what they will attempt to accomplish through the process. A mediator keeps them on track, as the parties build their settlement agreement reflecting on their family values.

The results can lead to a settlement agreement the courts recognize. You can create a fair settlement agreement that protects your relationships with your children and the other party involved in the dispute. Some of the benefits of mediation include:

  • Hands-on involvement: You have an active role and voice in the process.
  • You control the timing: Your timetable for success is not based on court schedules. Your agreements do not move to the court for approval unless you agree to the terms.
  • Efficiency: Mediation requires less time and expense.
  • Protect family relationships: The spirit of cooperation is encouraged.
  • Reduced tension: The atmosphere is less stressful than going before a family court judge.
  • Peace of mind: Mutually agreed upon results can bring about satisfying closure that litigation rarely provides.

Mediation provides a more positive, less contentious, and less expensive forum to pave the way for your future after a divorce or ending of a relationship.

Get The Help You Need To Settle Your Divorce Or Child Custody Disputes

Work with a trusted mediator. To find out more about how our firm can help you make it through your divorce, separation, or paternity case, please, call our Munster office today at 219-961-2166 or complete our convenient online form. Mediation is one of the many legal services we offer to our Northwest Indiana clients. We respond promptly to after-hours messages or emails the next business day.