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Have you answered these asset and debt division questions?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Divorce - Property And Asset Division |

There’s a lot to think about as you prepare for divorce, with asset and debt division somewhere near the top of your priority list.

As you prepare for this part of the divorce process, there are a variety of questions to address. Here are a few that will put you on the right path:

  • Do you have an asset and debt division checklist? This lists out all your assets and debts. If you want to make your checklist even more functional, assign a value to each asset and liability.
  • Do you want to stay in the family home? This is a question that many people tackle early in the divorce process. If you want to stay, you’ll have to feel out your spouse to see if they have the same plan in mind. Conversely, if you want to leave, it’s much easier to figure out this detail.
  • Do you have a budget for the future? It may change as you move through the divorce process and make adjustments in your life, but a basic budget is always a good idea. It will help you better understand your income and debts, thus allowing you to make changes accordingly.
  • Is your spouse hiding assets? If you have any reason to believe this is the case, do your part in digging up evidence and then use it to your advantage when the time comes. You don’t want to let this happen, as it will affect your finances.

By answering these types of asset and debt division questions, along with others, you’ll gain a better understanding of your situation and what the future will bring.

When you know where things stand, it’s much easier to protect your legal rights from start to finish.